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Drivers & Software

Epson EMP-81
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USB-COM Driver2 (1.0)
USB-COM Driver2
This is a device driver to make a USB port behave like a serial port. Utilities such as EMP Link 21L developed for a serial port can be used with a USB port by installing the device driver. The serial port number can be found in System Utility in the Windows Control Panel.
1016 KBs - 08/11/2007direct download

Other Software
Projector Control (1.0)
Projector Control
Projector Control lets you control the projector from your computer with a one-on-one connection between your computer and the projector over a network. It allows you to perform operations, such as turning the projector on/off and switching sources, from your computer without using the projector's remote control.
1.52 MBs - 26/09/2007direct download

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