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How to replace the photoconductor unit for the AcuLaser How to replace the photoconductor unit for the AcuLaser C1100, CX11N, CX11NF, CX21N, CX21NF ?
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Lifetime Part No. Pictures
Photoconductor Unit 14K (14 000 pages) S051104

LCD Panel Message Need to be replace Description
Worm Photoconductor NO Even if this message is displayed in the LCD panel, you can continue to print for a short time by pressing the B&W Start or Color Start button on the control panel. The message in the LCD panel changes from Replace Photoconductor to Worn Photoconductor
Replace Photoconductor YES The photoconductor unit comes to the end of its service life and must be replaced.

You must follow these steps to replace the photoconductor unit:
  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Raise the scanner unit. (Only for CX11N, CX11NF, CX21N, CX21NF)

  3. Contain the expansion tray in cover B.

  4. Open cover B.

  5. Raise the yellow lever inside cover B

  6. Remove the photoconductor unit.

  7. Take the new photoconductor unit out of its package and remove the protective sheet.

  8. Hold the photoconductor unit by its handle, and insert the unit until it clicks shut while aligning the arrow marks on the product. 


    Be careful not to touch the fuser, which is marked CAUTION HIGH TEMPERATURE.
    If the product has been in use, the fuser may be very hot.

  9. Push the yellow lever down, and then close cover B.

  10. Expand the extension tray if necessary.

  11. Lower the scanner unit to the original position (Only for CX11N, CX11NF, CX21N, CX21NF).

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