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Out of warranty repair service
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As your product gets older, they're more likely to give you the occasional problem. And, when they do, you naturally want to minimise downtime.

Epson offers some extremely cost-effective ways to do this. And if this is not suitable for you, there's our out of warranty repair service.

As the world's leading printer manufacturer, you might expect that our team of technicians is second to none. And you'd be right. They'll get you up and running with the very minimum of delay - well have an engineer with you within the next working day. It's because we can identify problems so quickly, and solve them so efficiently, that we can keep our charges so competitive.

The charges will depend on the product needing repair. For details of charges and the nature and extent of service read the sections below.

  • For repairs to EPSON Colour laser, Dot Matrix, Projector and Large Format Printers please contact:
     EPSON Business Support Group on 0871 222 6718
  • For out of warranty repairs on all other EPSON products please contact:
     EPSON Customer Services on 0871 42 37766

Nature and extent of service

Epson will wherever possible, arrange for an engineer to visit within 8 Working Hours. The repair will ensure that your product, in Epson's judgement, provides satisfactory performance consistent with its age and usage. If Epson cannot economically repair your product, you will be advised of charges.

Epson will provide a quote for the repair of your product which will include all the parts and labour charges. This service will be available for both out of warranty repairs and also where the installation of maintenance kits (Large Format Printers only) is required. For on site cover, an engineer should be at the specified address within 8 Working Hours following your call to Epson.

No guarantee is given by Epson that replaceable parts will last any particular time before they require replacement.

Epson will only repair faults in your products. Epson does not accept responsibility for ensuring any particular performance when they are used in combination with other equipment or software. It is your responsibility to organise the re profiling of the RIP and software to the desired state as this is not covered as part of this service.

How this Service is Purchased

This service is purchased through the Business Support Group help desk on 0871 222 6713. You can pay by credit card or by cheque (please allow 5 working days for the cheque to clear) prior to the repair.

Limits to this service agreement

This Service Contract does not cover the setting up of your products on site, product support (other than repair), routine maintenance, cleaning and replacement of consumables as described in the Product User Manual. Epson will only repair faults in your products. Epson does not accept responsibility for ensuring any particular performance when they are used in combination with other equipment or software.
Epson will provide all parts used in the repair of the equipment and all such parts replaced, which Epson considers to be irreparable, will be retained by the Epson and shall become the property of the Epson.
If in reasonable opinion of Epson engineers, the equipment in whole or part becomes uneconomical to repair or is reaching the end of its ordinary life, Epson will advise the customers of potential charges. None of the Maintenance Services guarantees uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

What liability does Epson accept ?

If the product or any other item owned by you is damaged as a direct result of Epson providing the service in a negligent way, Epson accepts liability for the damage caused to those items. If the product itself is damaged, Epson will repair or replace the product; if other property is damaged as a direct result Epson will pay up to a maximum of £500,000.
If as a result of negligence by Epson (or by its employees or contractors) Epson causes any personal injury or death, Epson accepts liability for this. Epson does not accept liability beyond this. In particular it does not accept any liability for any consequential loss or damage, loss of use of the product or other items or loss of sales, profits or opportunity you may suffer. If you think a failure by Epson to provide the service may cause you losses of this kind and it is important to you to protect against them, you should either take out appropriate insurance or contact Epson to discuss individually negotiated terms at a premium price.
The terms of the agreement between you and Epson are fully set out in this document and the faxed agreement. There are no other terms, conditions or warranties which apply to the agreement or which are implied into it (except any terms implied by statute which cannot be excluded). The service to be provided is as described in this document and you should not rely on any representation made to you which suggests otherwise.

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