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How do I use the head cleaning utility using Windows 2000 or XP?
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To clean the heads in the event of poor print quality click Start, then go to Settings and select Printers. Right click on the icon for your printer and select Printing Preferences. Click on the Utility Tab. Now click on the icon for head cleaning and it will launch the utility. Repeat the process until the Nozzle check is correct and complete.


Click Start, select Settings and then Printers. Right-click on the icon for your printer and select Printing Preferences


This will display the printer properties.


Click on the Utility tab. Click on Head Cleaning.


This will launch the utility. Click Start.


Click Print Nozzle Check Pattern. This will confirm the effectiveness of the head clean.


Click Print.


The printer will print off a nozzle check. Compare the print out with the next window. If there are gaps or feint print on your print out click Clean. If it is complete, click Finish.


Repeat the process until the issue is resolved. If cleaning doesn't resolve the issue then it is recommended that you install a new set of cartridges.

However, if the nozzle check is OK but the text is still broken you may need to run the Print Head Realignment utility.

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Release Date:08 December 2006

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