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Why should I use genuine Epson ink cartridges?
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Perfect printing is easy when you use an Epson printer with genuine Epson ink and paper!

Epson is dedicated to providing its customers with industry leading image quality and durability through a unique printing system that combines its Micro Piezo® and other print technology, and its genuine inks and media.

Why should I use genuine Epson ink cartridges?

A genuine Epson cartridge is in fact an entire system for preserving and delivering ink consistently. Epson’s innovative Genuine Epson Ink is developed and manufactured by Epson. Epson do not make ink for other manufacturers and other manufacturers do not manufacture ink for Epson.

Epson recommends genuine Epson cartridges because Epson cartridges use inks that are specially formulated to consistently produce photo quality prints and preserve the long term reliability of Epson printers. Only genuine Epson inks can guarantee the reliability of your printer and prolong its life. When using Epson products you can be sure that each print will be the same high quality as the last.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Epson’s recommendations were recently substantiated by comparison tests by Torrey Pines Research, an independent research company. Torrey Pines tested genuine Epson cartridges against various non-genuine cartridges and refills promoted as ‘compatibles’ and found that the performance of genuine Epson cartridges was consistently superior. The printers using Epson ink cartridges had higher yields and performed more reliably.

PC World magazine similarly commissioned the prestigious Wilhelm Imaging Research Centre to conduct durability and image quality tests with Epson and aftermarket cartridges. Epson cartridges offered overall better durability, image quality and reliability: ‘…judging from our experience, finding a reasonably priced substitute for brand-name ink can be a risky business… you may have to spend a lot of time cleaning clogged printheads.’

You can enjoy great results every time when you buy genuine Epson products directly from us. Epson inks, toners, ribbons and paper are available online so whatever you're looking for, you can purchase it here.

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Release Date:13 December 2006

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