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How do I resolve power related connectivity issues when using a USB hub?
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If you are experiencing issues when using a hub, connect the USB device directly to the PC to confirm that you still experience the problem with a direct connection. If the problem still exists when the device is connected directly to the PC it confirms the Hub is not the root of the issue. However, if it resolves the problem you can try the following remedies:

  • Connect the device to a different port on the hub.
  • Ensure that the power supply for the hub is connected and functional.
  • Try various combinations of connections. You may have too many High-powered USB devices on the same hub.
  • Verify the entire USB chain is working correctly to be certain that a device that requires the ability to draw power from the hub is not plugged into the chain on the other side of a non-powered hub. This causes that hub and all of the devices down the chain to be suspended. If the hub is a powered hub, verify that the power supply for that hub is configured properly.

High power devices draw more than 100mA and low power devices use 100mA and below.

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Release Date:18 January 2007

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