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Epson and Windows 7
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Windows 7 is the name of the latest release of Microsoft Windows, the consumer version of which is scheduled for launch October 2009. Epson is committed to supporting Windows 7 and is continually developing applications and device drivers across our range of digital imaging products to comply with Microsoft's new global standards.

Windows 7 will support some Epson products right out of the box, in addition to which we are preparing to release a range of driver updates to correspond with Windows 7's release in the last quarter of 2009.

Driver availability

See the tables below for the latest Windows 7 driver information for Epson printers, scanners and All-In-Ones. If your product is not listed, where available please download and install the Windows Vista driver from the Epson website.

Inbox Inbox drivers are supplied with the operating system and can be installed via the Windows 7 Add Printer wizard. If a Download driver is also available, we recommend downloading the latest driver from the Epson website and installing it in preference to the Inbox driver.
Windows Update Drivers labelled Windows Update are not supplied with the operating system, but are available via the Windows 7 Driver Update Service.  For instructions see "Windows 7: How to install an Epson printer using the Driver Update Service" in the Related Articles section.
Download Download and install the latest Windows 7 driver from the Epson website.
Vista Download and install the Windows Vista version of Epson Scan from the Epson website.
CD Drivers compatible with Windows 7 are available on the CD supplied with your product.
Not supported These products are not supported in Windows 7, and no drivers are available.
Quick Links

Laser Printers and Multifunction Lasers

Model Printer driver Epson Scan
AcuLaser C1000, C1100, C1900
AcuLaser 2600, C2600
AcuLaser C3000
AcuLaser C4000, C4100, C4200
AcuLaser C7000
AcuLaser C8600
AcuLaser C900
AcuLaser C9100

EPL-2020, EPL-2180
EPL-5900, EPL-6100, EPL-6100L, EPL-6200, EPL-6200L
EPL-N2050+, EPL-N2120, EPL-N2500, EPL-N2120, EPL-N2500
EPL-N3000, EPL-N7000
Inbox n/a
AcuLaser C2000, C8500

EPL-5700, EPL-5800
EPL-N2000, EPL-N2050, EPL-N2750, EPL-N4000+
Windows Update n/a
AcuLaser C2800, C3800, C9200

AcuLaser M1200, M2000, M4000, M8000

Download n/a
AcuLaser CX11 Download Vista
AcuLaser CX21 Download Download
EPL-1220, EPL-5700i, EPL-5700L, EPL-5800L, EPL-5900L
EPL-N1210, EPL-N1600, EPL-N1610
EPL-N2010, EPL-N2700, EPL-N4000
Not supported n/a

Inkjet Printers

Model Printer driver
B300 / B500DN


PictureMate 100, PictureMate 240 / 280, PictureMate 260 / 290

Stylus D78 / C79, D92 / C91, Stylus D120 / C110

Stylus Office B30 / T30, S20 / T26, B40 / T40

Stylus Photo R220, R240, R265 / R270, R285 / R290, R340, R360 / R390, R800, R1400 / R1410, R1800, R1900, R2400, R2880
Inbox and Download
PictureMate, PictureMate 500

Stylus C20 / C40, C42, C44, C46, C48, C60, C62, C64, C66, C70 / C80, C82, C84, C86

Stylus D88 / C87, D68 / C67

Stylus Color 1520, Color 200, Color 3000, Color 400, Color 440, Color 460, Color 600, Color 640, Color 660, Color 680, Color 740, Color 760, Color 800, Color 860, Color 880, Color 900, Color 980, Color 1200, Color 1290

Stylus Photo R200, R300, R320

Stylus Photo 700, 720, 750, 780, 790, 810, 830, 830U, 870, 890, 900, 915, 925, 935, 2000, EX, EX3
Inbox only
Stylus Photo 950 Vista
Stylus S21 / T27

Stylus Photo P50 / T50, 2100
Download only
Stylus Office B1100 / T1100 CD

Multifunction Inkjet Printers

Model Printer driver Epson Scan
Stylus DX3800, DX4000 / CX3900, DX4080, DX4400 / CX4300, DX4800 / DX4200, DX7400 / DX8400 / CX7300 / CX8300, DX5000 / DX6000 / CX5900 / CX4900, DX7000 / CX6900

Stylus Photo RX520, RX560 / RX590, RX640, RX700
Inbox and Download Vista
BX300F / TX300F

Stylus DX9400F / CX9300F

Stylus SX100 / TX100, SX200 / TX200, SX400 / TX400, SX600FW / TX600FW / BX600FW

Stylus Photo PX700W / TX700W, PX800FW / TX800FW
Inbox and Download Download
Stylus Photo RX610 / RX585, RX685 / RX690 Inbox and Download Vista
BX310FN / TX510FN

Stylus Photo PX650 / TX650, PX710W / TX710W, PX810FW / TX810FW

Stylus SX110 / TX110, SX210, TX210, SX410 / TX410, SX510W / TX550W, SX610FW / TX610FW
Download Download

Large Format Printers

Model Printer Driver
Stylus Pro 3800
Stylus Pro 4400, 4450, 4800, 4880
Stylus Pro 7400, 7450, 7880, 7900
Stylus Pro 9400, 9450, 9800, 9880, 9900
Stylus Pro 11880


Model Epson Scan
Perfection V600 CD
Perfection V500 Office*,  Perfection V500 Photo*
Perfection V600, Perfection V700*, Perfection V750* 
CD, Vista
GT-S50, GT-S80, GT-1500, GT-2500, GT-20000, GT-30000

Perfection V30, Perfection V300
Expression 10000XL Vista

* A new CD has been released for this product containing a Windows 7 compatible driver, and a driver download will be made available on the Epson website.

Dot Matrix

Model Printer driver

PLQ-20*, PLQ-20D*


FX-890, FX-2190

LQ-1150, LQ-2090, LQ-300+, LQ-300+II, LQ-590, LQ-630 / LQ-630S

LX-1170+II, LX-300+, LX-300+II
DFX-5000, DFX-5000+, DFX-8000, DFX-8500

DLQ-3000, DLQ-3000+

FX-1170, FX-1180, FX-1180+, FX-2170, FX-2180,
FX-880, FX-880+, FX-980

LQ-2070, LQ-2080, LQ-2170, LQ-300, LQ-570+, LQ-570e, LQ-580, LQ-670

LX-1170, LX-300
Windows Update
LQ-2180*, LQ-680* / LQ-680 Pro* Windows Update, Download

FX-80, FX-85, FX-850, FX-870
Inbox - FX Series 1 (80)

Inbox - FX Series 1 (136)
LQ-200, LQ-400, LQ-450, LQ-500, LQ-550, LQ-800,
LQ-850, LQ-850+, LQ-860
Inbox - LQ Series 1 (80)
LQ-100, LQ-570 Inbox - LQ Series 1 (80) Graphics

LQ-1000, LQ-1010, LQ-1050, LQ-1050+, LQ-1060,
LQ-1500, LQ-2500, LQ-2550
Inbox - LQ Series 1 (136)
LQ-1070, LQ-1070+, LQ-1170 Inbox - LQ Series 1 (136) Graphics

LX-100, LX-400, LX-80, LX-800, LX-850, LX-86

Inbox - LX Series 1 (80)
FX-100, FX-105

LX-1050 / LX-1050+

Inbox - LX Series 1 (136)
LQ-870 Not supported

* A driver download will be made available on the Epson website.

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