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Amazon Kindle Fire HD/HDX - How to print
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  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD/HDX


You can use your Kindle Fire device to print from the following applications:

  • Microsoft Office documents using the built-in Office document viewer
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Calendar


You cannot print directly from Epson Print Plug-In. Epson Print Plug-In is a component which allows the above Kindle applications to communicate with your Epson Printer. Open one of the above Kindle applications and follow the instructions below on how to print.

  1. Open the item you want to print e.g. photo, email, word document etc.

  2. Tap Print. If you don’t see the Print option, tap the Menu icon and then select Print.

  3. Select your printer from the list, if prompted tap OK and then tap Connect. If you don’t see your printer, tap to search for additional printers or tap to add a printer manually using the IP address of the printer.

  4. Select the number of copies you want to print or tap More options to choose the Color Mode, Paper Size or Orientation.

  5. Tap Print.

For further information on the Epson Print Plug-In, press the FAQ button from within the Epson Print Plug-In main screen.

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Date de publication :jeudi 6 mars 2014

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